Sudbury, MA Tension Headache Sufferers Find Relief With Chiropractic Therapy

Tension headaches encompass the neck and face. The pain may come and go within thirty minutes or it may last for weeks. Many times the discomfort is accompanied by lethargy. A Sudbury chiropractor may be able to provide longer lasting alleviation of this distress and its accompanying symptoms.

Pain of this sort is generally a dull ache rather than the throbbing associated with migraines. Many individuals continue to work through the discomfort. Those who have chronic distress often think it is just something with which they have to live. They may suffer for years without seeking a remedy.

A lot of people focus on the symptoms rather than the underlying cause. Individuals take several pills a day trying to alleviate their aches. Consuming too much medication can be counterproductive. Taking over-the-counter drugs every day can result in a boomerang effect in which the headaches return more frequently.

Many individuals also associate their tension headaches with stress. It is true that pressure filled situations can make the discomfort worse. In many instances, however, the root cause of the discomfort is a poorly aligned spine. Vertebrae which are out of place lead to many problems including continuing dull aches of the neck and face. Manipulations performed by a Sudbury chiropractor return the area to its correct position.

An incorrectly aligned spinal column puts undue pressure on the bones in the neck and the jaw. It may also cause people to hold their bodies in awkward positions. All of these factors make the entire body tense and result in ongoing pain in the affected bones and muscles.

Many people suffer from chronic discomfort in their necks and faces for years. Some of them ignore it. Others attempt to alleviate it with medication. Frequently, regular alignments performed by a Sudbury chiropractor free these individuals form the cycle of tension headache pain.

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