Our Healing Services

At The Holistic Healing Center we truly offer a holistic approach to health and wellness. We integrate a variety of cutting edge techniques, models and approaches in our sessions to access the secrets and wisdom locked in your body.

Network Spinal Analysis™ (or NSA)

Network Chiropractic works with your body to quickly, gently and easily release the underlying causes of tension and stress in your body.  NSA heals physical, emotional and mental problems by literally undoing damage from the past.

Network Spinal Analysis was developed in the 1990’s by Dr. Donald Epstein, DC as an approach to resolving injury and stress in the spinal and nervous system. It is a revolutionary, gentle and powerful technique which uses light touch  on specific locations along the spine and nervous system to create a “spinal entrainment”  which  releases  patterns of tension.

As the body relearns healthy patterns and frequencies, pain is transformed and renewed life, vitality and passion is awakened.

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Somato Respiratory Integration™ (or SRI)

Experience the internal rhythms of your personal and transpersonal biology. Using focused attention, gentle breath, movement and touch, this revolutionary method amplifies what is invisible allowing us to connect with your body’s wisdom and healing. Somato Respiratory Integration™ is a series of exercises based on Donald Epstein’s 12 Stages of Healing that are designed to help the higher brain centers to become more aware and reconnect with the body. Cultivating the skills of awareness, presence and internal rhythm, SRI helps you to move more easily through all the stages of consciousness. In combination with Network Spinal Analysis, this modality deepens and advances the progression through the levels of care, helping you evolve and grow.

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Reorganizational Healing™ (or ROH)

Reorganizational Healing, (ROH), is the core philosophy and approach to wellness embraced by The Holistic Healing Center. It helps to create maps for people to assess themselves, as well as, providing concrete tools to explore their lives, stresses, pains. It helps you to discover meaning and what actions are necessary to take to create more self-reliance and fulfillment. ROH facilitates optimization of structural, perceptual, behavioral and energetic elements to create more harmonious awareness and active engagement of the forces at play in one’s life. There are three central components:

  1. The Four Seasons of Well-Being
  2. The Triad of Change
  3. The Five Energetic Intelligences

These components work together to address the timing, process and aptitudes of change, supporting ongoing evolution and well-being throughout your life.

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Personalized Coaching

We are partners in healing. As part of your journey in healing, we support, educate and inspire you along the path. We offer encouragement, insight, interpretation and ways to integrate what comes up for you in the course of care. We will help you to create empowering habits in order to create tremendous momentum towards health and healing.