Welcome to the home of the Holistic Healing Center in Sudbury, Massachusetts!

My name is Dr. Jennifer Lees. Since 1996 I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you, heal their pain naturally and live lives beyond what they hoped was possible.

Let’s face it, life is so much harder when you are in pain.  You have a desire to get things done and move about freely, but it feels like your body is fighting against you.  Well, believe it or not, that’s actually more true than you might realize.

You see, there are literally hundreds of temporary solutions out there that mask pain for a short while, but it almost always comes back.  The real solution is to help your body recover from the underlying issues.

How do we do this?  First we analyze how your body has been dealing with stress in an extensive 1 hour exam. Once we have a good picture of how your body has twisted and compressed, we create a program of care. This program will teach your body how to unwind and recover from stress physiology called “fight or flight”. 99% of the time our body successfully recovers from stress. It is the 1% that causes all the issues and lasts for years and decades.

Our advanced revolutionary and gentle methods allow your body to recover from this stress by using your own natural intelligence to heal itself. I work directly with your nervous system teaching your body how to recover. It’s called Network Spinal Analysis, and here’s how it works.

You and I actually work together to teach your brain to release the tension in those problem areas.  Rather than using force to manipulate bone structure, we work with the body’s own healing systems to assist it in doing what it already knows how to do.  Namely, helping you to recover and correct the issues so that your body and your life function at 100% of your potential.

Feel free to look around the site. And, if this sounds like music to your ears, then call us to schedule your initial evaluation.  It’s a small investment to discover how you can heal your body naturally and feel better than ever before.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and helping you find the health and wellness that you are looking for.


Dr. Jennifer Lees